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You are watching the wrong Bollywood movies

Ok, Bollywood isn't really making great movies all the time, I agree. But blatantly making accusations that the industry has gone to shit (which seems to be the opinion on the online trolling platforms i.e. social media) - is straight up wrong.

I saw 6 Bollywood movies in the last month, sharing a bit more about the 3 seen more recently

  1. An Action Hero

  1. Bhediya

  1. Monica, O My Darling

Other movies that were adapted from the "South" that I absolutely loved were Vikram Vedha & Hit: The first case. And the extremely hilarous family dysfunctional drama / comedy Jug Jugg Jeeyo

Few thoughts or opinions I'd like to share

  1. Don't judge before viewing the thing yourself. Form informed opinions. Don't just be a hater.
  2. Certain actors, directors, writers, producers, DOP (and so many other important people involved in making a movie) - never disappoint. Look out for them and stan them!
  3. Movies are getting better. Our VFX, our action sequences, the music, the humour, the writing, the way the movies are shot, directed, background score. We are truly improving!

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